3 Website design mistakes and how to avoid them to make your website more effective

We read a lot about things we should DO for our website, but not a lot of what we should NOT DO. You website is an essential part of your online presence, and your central hub. It is your virtual storefront and could be the first interaction potential customers have with your brand. So, it’s essential to make sure it is effective. While we typically focus on what you should DO when designing a website, today, let’s look at 3 website design mistakes you should NOT DO.

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Website Design Mistake 1: No CTA at the Top (or a Passive CTA)

Like I have discussed before, it is essential that your visitors know EXACTLY what you want them to do when they get to your page. They want you to make things easy for them. They should know exactly what action to take when they come to your website within 5 seconds or less. Clear call to actions (CTAs) at the top of your home page are essential. Specifically it needs to be at the top in the header.

A CTA should be specific and encourage the customer to take a particular action. Avoid using hesitant language such as “Learn More.” The tone of your CTA should be assertive, persuasive, and action-driven. So, use phrases like “Schedule a Call” or “Buy now” to drive conversions and leads.

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Website Design Mistake 2: Confusing Branding

You might be making this crucial website design mistake if you have ever told anyone what you do and they said, “O, I thought it was this’. Marketing is essential in creating a brand that attracts the right customers. However, your branding should be clear and straightforward.  It’s essential to make sure your branding tells your story and what makes you unique. You must also talk about the problems your customers are facing.  Your customers should know precisely what you do and how you help them. Importantly, they should be able to know what you do within 5-10 seconds of landing on the page.

Your tagline and pitch should revolve around a benefit that you offer your customers. If your marketing copy is vague, convoluted, or inconsistent, your potential customers may be turned off or confused, which could result in a lost opportunity. As Donald Miller says, ‘if you confuse them, you lose them‘.

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Website Design Mistake 3: Exit to Social Media

One website design mistake sometimes made is largely displaying social media accounts all over the website. While having a social media is a good idea, and there is nothing wrong with putting it on the website, don’t try to get your visitor to look at that instead of our website. Why? Once they leave your website, especially if they are on mobile, most likely the social app will open up and as soon as they leave your site there is a HIGH chance they will NOT return.

In the few seconds it takes them to go to the social media account, there is a good change something else will catch their eye and they will get distracted (what, why is she chewing ice?) and possibly never return (oohhh more cat videos!). Have links to your social media, but let that be supplementary to your site. Remember, social media is rented space. Your website is your property on your own land, and should be the central hub of your business. Everything should point TO your website, not AWAY from your website.

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Your website should be the most effective tool to grow your business. Make sure your website is the central hub that everything concerning your online presence points to. Avoiding the above website design mistakes can lead to happy visitors that become returning customers. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and think about what you’d want when going to a website that offers your products or services. (But also remember you are NOT your customer) By including strong CTAs, clear branding, and avoiding exit intent, your website can effectively convert visitors into loyal customers.

If you are unsure if your website is effective or you read this and you were like ‘uh oh I might be doing one of these’, schedule a call with me today and let’s work together to make your website work for you!