Bring More Exposure to your Business with a Great Website

Imagine this: You’re driving, and you see a new restaurant or store somewhere and think, ‘I wonder what they sell?’

You immediately pull out your phone and do a quick Google search for the business.

Except they don’t have a website. In fact, other than maybe a Yelp or some business info on Google Maps the business does not have any online presence.

Perhaps this happened to you. But even worse: Perhaps this has happened many times to your business.

Since the mid-2000s there has been a big jump towards social media. Many businesses started to use Facebook. And still only use Facebook.

Why does this not work? Well for starters, some social media is restricted as to who can view your business. Another reason is the quality of media that is posted on those sites, as well as how your users and potential clients interact on those platforms.

Without a good quality website, it is hard for a business to stay afloat. Remember when you couldn’t find information on a store while driving? Now think of that frustration for your potential clients. You may think that people don’t necessarily search for local businesses but in fact 82% of consumers use a search engine for local information.

Think about that, without being online you are missing out on a potential 82% of clients! That is a lot!

Over the next few posts I am going to share with you some reasons why you need a website as well as some mistakes you might be making with your website and online presence.

Come join me over the next few posts and find out how you can bolster your online presence and bring in more potential clients!