I’m Roger.

I eat tacos, and make websites.

My journey of learning how to create websites and eventually using WordPress began around 2017. Or was it 2008? To be honest, I was so eager to dive into web development and design that the exact year is a bit blurry.

All I knew was that I wanted to make websites and learn how to code, I just wasn’t sure how or where to  start.

Back in 2008, I really wanted to learn how to create websites. Problem was, I had no idea where to start or where to look for information. I had limited exposure to coding, and so not knowing where to turn, I put my interest on the back burner. Eventually though in 2016 or so, I experimented with some basic coding using a code editor, I hit a roadblock I could not quite figure out how to conquer. Frustrated and defeated, I eventually gave up.

It wasn’t until about a year later that I decided to give web development another shot, this time with a focus on WordPress. I searched for tutorials and found what seemed like a great one, so I started there. However, I quickly realized that there were actually two different versions of WordPress!

Talk about feeling lost and overwhelmed.

I realized that in order to better undersand WordPress and what was going on underneath the hood, I had to gain a better understanding of web development in general. I knew I needed more background information, so it kind of lead back full circle to web development. I felt like I was jumping blindly into the deep end of website building, so I sought out guidance to help me figure out the right path forward.

I took it upon myself to learn about web technologies, mainly HTML, CSS, JavaScript. These helped me really learn how to design a page and what web design/development was. Then I started learning more about the backend, with technologies like NodeJS, MongoDB, and Express. I was learning all I could about Web Design and Development. There was things I really liked and some not so much, but I tried my best to stick with it.

I eventually learned enough to make some websites, albeit not the best, but everyone has to start somewhere amirite?
I then decided to try to figure out this whole freelance thing. Talk about humble beginnings and not knowing what in the world I was doing!

After gaining more knowledge on design and development, I researched ways to combine my skills for more efficient website coding. This is when I discovered Divi, which allowed me to quickly and effectively code websites while still showcasing my design abilities.

At first, I didn’t fully understand how WordPress worked, but after learning more through trial and error, I realized just how powerful and useful it is. WordPress and Divi both have helpful communities and resources that provide excellent customer service.

My background in learning about HTML/CSS/JavaScript etc…helped me understand the underlying portions of how WordPress worked. For example, the Box Model and Flexbox and responsive design are still things I have to think about as I create my websites. But what is great about WP and Divi is I am able to better visually see how those things are working in real time.

That was just a little about me. If you are interested in reading more about topics I am interested in please check out my blogs. I’m passionate about UX and web design, and I enjoy creating excellent websites and apps. Here at Reanimation Design I blog about website design and business, and at my personal website, I write about UX Design.

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