How Your Brochure Website Misses Out On Attracting 75% More Visitors

Having a business without a website is like owning a restaurant without a menu. Which seems a little silly. Your website serves as an important tool for your business and plays a crucial role in promoting what you do and who you are. It’s not just about having an online presence, or a brochure type website.

Your website should be the online hub that connects all your marketing activities and draws visitors back to your website. So let’s check out some of the reasons why it’s important to have a website.  AND why you need more than just a brochure (we will talk about what that means) website.

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The Importance of a Website for Your Business

Imagine you’re driving around town, and spot a new store. Interesting,so you pull out your phone to Google them. Except, you find out they have no website or any sort of  online presence. Maybe a social media page, but that has not been updated in a while, or at least infrequently. 

Kinda frustrating, isn’t it? They might be missing out on more customers. In fact, there is a good chance they are, since 98% of people use search engines for local information

Now, think about how many potential customers might have experienced the same with your business.

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Your Website: The Central Hub of Your Business

A website should be more than just a digital brochure filled with pretty pictures and vague text. Your website has less than 5 seconds to do 2 things: Look good, and answer The 3 Questions. If it doesn’t then they will leave and someone else will do just that. We all know we are not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but we all we do (well, I do anyways). But people WILL judge your website.

Web design matters a lot. In fact, a staggering 75% of consumers admit to making judgments about a company based on their website design. Your website has less than five seconds to make an impression and answer those three key questions. If it fails to do so, your credibility plummets, and visitors are likely to bounce off your site.

Your website is not just a digital brochure, It needs to be your best salesperson. Ands it does this by not just looking good, but answering The 3 Questions every visitor has:

  1. What do you do?
  2. How does it benefit me?
  3. Where do I sign up to work with you?

Your website needs to guide visitors on a journey. It needs to tell a story.  It starts with what is their problem? How your business can solve their problem, and implementing a plan that helps them ultimately helps them succeed.

Time to Evaluate Your Brochure Website

Your website is more than just an online presence; it’s your digital storefront, your best salesperson, and the hub that connects all your marketing activities. It’s time to take a hard look at your website. Is it effectively answering those three essential questions for your visitors? Is it guiding them on a journey to become customers.

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If not, it’s time to rethink your website strategy. Don’t let your business be part of the frustrating statistic. Unlock the potential of that missing 82% of customers. Remember, your website isn’t just about you—it’s about your customer’s success.

And that rings true for me. I want to see you succeed. It can seem like a lot but my desire with this post is not to beat you down or make you feel bad about your website. I want to see you succeed and I want to walk with you on that journey.

If you are thinking ‘You know my website could be better, what can we do to make it better?’ Then reach out and let’s book a strategy call. I want to help you succeed and make your website your best salesperson, working 24/7 to get you more TLC: Traffic, Leads, and Clients.