Common Website Mistakes and How to improve Them – Part 3

Owning a small business can be exciting, but also it can be a source of great frustration, especially when your business seems to not go anywhere.

In this last post of our series of typical website mistakes you can make that hurt your business, I want us to look at one that can be distracting and even confusing when done incorrectly.

Trying to be Clever

Sometimes it is easy to look at other businesses and think how are they being so successful? It is then even easier to just attempt to copy and paste whatever strategy they are using, even when it’s not something in your field!

Just because ‘Company A’ has a cool minimal website with fancy scrolling and animated on-hover buttons as well as insert-latest-website-trend-here doesn’t mean you have to follow along.

Especially if it hinders your message. 

Now what I’m not saying is that you shouldn’t have a mobile designed site, but you don’t need the disappearing pictures, you don’t need the fade in-fade out backgrounds, you don’t need the video background. If those things are a part of your site now that’s fine, but you need to look at whether it is helping your business and even slowing down your site.

Here’s what it comes down to, make it simple. Again, don’t be too clever that it distracts from your message.

Make it clean, have a clear message, have a strong Call To Action, utilize Whitespace, don’t make it too busy.

And please don’t try to be super clever so that your visitor has to figure out what in the world you are about. These are only a few but I think the most common mistakes business’ make with their websites.

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