Common Website Mistakes and How to improve Them -Part 2

Welcome back! Today we are going to look at a crucial and important aspect I call the initial ‘handshake’ and which leads to further action for both parties.

No CTA (Call To Action)

An easy mistake is not making it clear what the visitor is supposed to do once they get there.

An easy way to turn a visitor to a client is to make it easy to know what they are to do when they arrive.

Do you prominently display a Call to Action button on your website, in order to inform the customer what you want them to do now that they are at your site?

Something like ‘Get a Quote’, ‘Reserve Your Spot’ or ‘Schedule Consult now’?

Obviously, you don’t what to bombard your visitor with a ton of annoying pop ups. Doing so will quickly turn them away. In order to turn them from a visitor to a customer, clearly display a Call To Action button. Give them something tangible to do.

Your CTA should be a focus of your page. Don’t leave forms at the bottom of your page unseen, unless they happen to scroll down to this strange form. Or even worse only leave it in your footer (I am not saying don’t care about the footer because in actuality more Mobile users will see the footer than desktop users).

When a client gets to your website, be vigilant in making it easy for them to know what to do.

Your CTA should be a button or a form with a BIG button. Your CTA should very clearly tell your visitor what you want them to do, such as sign up for the email or “Try [insert product] Free”. Improve or add a CTA button to your site and clearly show you contact info and watch your conversions improve!

For more, check out David Zheng’s great post on this.