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Google Business Profile

Reach more Local Customers and out Your Business on the Map (literally)

🤔Do I need a Google Business Profile?

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Be Visible

Make sure you show up in local results when people search for your business and industry.
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Build Authority

Highlight important details and what sets you apart from the competition to your potential clients

Gain Trust

Post updates, show reviews, give offers and chat with visitors right from your GBP

📍Local Search Traffic is Increasing

In the past two years, searches for “near me” have surged by 900%🤯.

Why it Matters:

  • 46% of all searches on Google are now local
  • 97% of Google’s users have searched for local businesses
  • 88% of people who do a local search call the business within one day
  • 86% of Google Maps customers are looking for local businesses
  • Mobile devices influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales

Let me help you get a bigger piece of this pie.

Set up Your Google Business Profile in Less than 15 Minutes!

Easily set up and optimize your Google Business Profile with this step-by-step guide, putting your business on the Map!
Plus, 5 MORE Tips to optimize your GBP for success!

Why it Matters

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Be Visible

When people search for your business or industry are you showing up on Google? Get your business in front of people actively searching for businesses just like yours.

How this Helps: Often, the first thing potential clients will see about your business is your Google Business Profile. Make sure it looks good and gives them great information

Build Authority

When you post regular update and offers as well as reviews and services, you make sure your Google Business Profile us relevant by answering the questions your visitors are looking for.

Why this Matters: Online authority is dependent on consistency. Make sure you showcase your reviews and services by posting consistently.

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Gain Trust

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, seen by Google, and correctly displays your location, business hours, and service offerings. We also keep a close eye on your data to make sure it remains accurate and credible everywhere your company is posted online.

The Big Picture: When you show off your reviews you highlight the value you bring to your clients.

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Google Business Profile Management

Let me help put you on the Map:

👉 Setup & Monitor your GBP

👌 Regularly Optimize Your Profile

👍 Posts Updates Regularly

☝️ Review Management

👀  +More to make your profile shine!

Reanimation Design Founder Roger Jorns serving Austin Texas and beyond


Let’s turn your website from just a brochure to your best salesperson, so you can get what you really want:

More TLC – Traffic, Leads, Clients!

I am a Web Designer based in Georgetown, Texas, serving the Greater Austin, Texas area locally, and serving digitally everywhere else.

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You have less than 5 seconds to make sure your website does 2 things.

When visitors come to your website, they’re looking for something that not only looks good but also provides answers to their questions.

If it doesn’t, they’ll move on to find someone else who can help them.

To truly succeed, you need a marketing plan so that when your potential clients are ready to buy, you’re there for them. That’s why I help local businesses succeed with SEO and email marketing strategies.

I want to help you speak directly to your potential clients, and former clients, while building your visibility, authority, and trust. I don’t just leave you with a thumbs up and a “good luck.” I’ll be right by your side as we take your website from a digital brochure into your best salesperson.

What you need to know: make sure your website not only looks good but answers their questions. Combine this with a great marketing strategy and start turning your website into your best salesperson.

  • Website Design

    My goal and desire is to make sure that your website not only has an attractive design, but also works FOR YOU. I work with you to understand your objectives, ensuring that your website becomes the central hub for your entire online presence, with everything leading back to it, so that you can help those that need your services or product.

    What you need to know: Not only does your website need to look good but you want to make sure it helps your visitors find the solutions to their problems.

  • Email Marketing

    This is one of the biggest missed opportunities most small business make. Did you know that email marketing is 3x more effective than social media marketing and about 40% of companies are increasing their email marketing budget this year? Talk to your potential and current clients by providing value and making sure you stay top of mind so when they are ready to buy, you are there.

    What you need to know: For every $1 you spend email marketing the average ROI is $40. Make sure you are talking directly to your audience with personalized emails.

  • SEO

    To ensure you have a strong online presence and show up on Google and rank high, we look at targeting the keywords and phrases your clients are searching for. Then we constantly monitor analytics to gain insights into what’s working, allowing us to optimize and adjust accordingly.

    What you need to know: SEO takes time, but when you put in the effort the Google gods will reward you by making sure you are put in front of the right people at the right time when you make the right offer.

  • Google Business Profile

    When it comes to customer connection, your Google Business Profile can make a lasting first impression on potential clients. To enhance your local presence, we make sure to optimize this underutilized local SEO hack for locally-serving small businesses. And then we build credibility by showcasing testimonials that highlight the value you bring to your clients.

    What you need to know: Google Business Profile for Local-serving businesses can enhance your online presence and make sure you show up to those who need your service in your area!

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How we work together

1. Discover

We discover what you need and what your goals are so we can build out an effective website that helps you accomplish them.

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2. Create

We build an effective website designed to be your best salesperson so it can turn more visitors into clients

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3. Grow

With ongoing SEO and Marketing strategy we can analyze, evaluate and adjust so you can continue to convert more clients

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Image of Meleah Wehman, Austin Realtor
Meleah W.
Austin Realtor
Roger was the only designer who immediately created a mock design that perfectly captured my vision and was able to bring it to reality. Roger was very communicative, thorough, and innovative; and spent time guiding me throughout the design process and answering questions
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Scott L.
Founder of Fero
As a startup, new ideas and creative changes are expected. Reanimation Design was very knowledgeable and patient as we drafted and re-drafted images, content, and layouts. We are very pleased with the final product and would recommend their services for anyone needing to build a professional looking site.


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